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At MPO, we believe that learning about history is very important for our next generation. That’s why we started this initiative so we could give to 1,000 schools access to this new interactive historical map resource that engages students in learning history!
Your Gift will be used to give schools FREE access to this interactive historical map resource.
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We want to change the way we teach history to students, to make them want to learn about history. With this new online historical map, students get a resource tool that is interactive, engaging, modern and fun! Click here for more information about this unique interactive map.

Our children need to know history so they don’t end up repeating the mistakes of the past. Knowing history makes them responsible contributing citizens, as well as teaching them how to assess a situation and relate a lesson from the past, which allows them to make better choices for the future. Peter Stern explains why.

Help reach the Goal by giving a gift, even as low as $5, so we can freely Share this Gift of Knowledge to our future generations! Your gift will be used to give FREE access to this historical map resource to schools.

Our goal is to have 1,000 schools get access to this wonderful interactive historical map resource by March 31, 2017 for Free!

Click here to register a school to receive FREE access to this historical map resource!

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Testimonies and Posts

“I was at the official launch of this new technology. From what I have seen, this has the ability to bring teaching history into the 21st century.”
Francis Drouin, Federal Member of Parliament, Glengarry – Prescott-Russell

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